Volkswagen Polo Highline1.5L (D)


Car Description

The Volkswagen Polo's new touch up looks stronger with restorative services. The brand has redesigned the powerful TSI and TDI models that come in both diesel and petrol versions. The safety features particularly have been incorporated into all the variants of this lineup.

The external structure of this car looks breathtaking with its gleaming body paint and the tense design in which it has been cut. The bright lighting in the interior is a good touch as it has two filaments inside to shine brighter. Mist lights on either sides of the guard promise better vision.

Apart from the GT TSI variations, the various trims in this model are mated with a five speed manual transmission gearbox. The petrol variants can create extreme power of 74bhp at 5400rpm and a top torque yield of 110Nm at 3750rpm. All the variations in this series are well consolidated with safety viewpoints that offer assurance to the vehicle along with the occupants.

Other Variants

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